We all rely on apps to make business and personal life more efficient.

In an effort to help make all of your lives easier, we reached out to our past clients and asked what apps they cannot live without. Here's what they come up with:


Cozi - Helps families stay organized. Allows multiple family members to manage appointments and schedules with one account, as well as organize and update shopping and to-do lists. We personally use this and it rocks.

DarkSky - Predicts down to the minute weather conditions at your exact location.

Dropbox - Keeps your files safe and allows you to easily share photos, docs and videos.

Lastpass - Password manager. Saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

TripAdvisor - Read reviews on hotels, restaurants, a must have when traveling.

True Caller - Identify missed calls, avoid telemarketers,  and keep current contact’s information up-to-date.

Waze - Nothing is worse than getting stuck in traffic. This app gets information from real drivers and will track real time traffic.