Welcome to our ultimate guide on Solon Ohio luxury homes, the only one of its kind.  Whether you are relocating to Solon from out of state or making a move from across town, this guide is a perfect place to start.

Here, we will list and describe all major luxury home subdivisions in Solon and even include videos and maps.

Please note, a luxury home in the Cleveland metropolitan area is defined as anything over $500,000.



Signature of Solon Entrance


Signature of Solon is one of few gated golf course communities in the Cleveland area and a popular destination for those looking to relocate to Cleveland. It offers excellent location, about 25 minutes from both downtown and the airport.

It is one of Solon's most prestigious developments and consists of two phases, Signature I and Signature II. Homes in Signature range in price from $600,000 - $1,000,000 + and have all been built within the last 15 years.

The primary differences between Signature I and II are lot sizes and proximity to the golf course. Homes in Signature I have smaller lots, and are located within walking distance of the golf course and club house. Many of these homes have golf course views.

Homes in Signature II are located closer to the tennis courts and pool and and have larger wooded lots.

Homes in Signature of Solon are well laid out for today's life style. The exteriors are breathtaking and complete with lush landscaping and finely manicured lawns. The back yard spaces are also well laid out with over-sized decks and patios.

Many homes in Signature are colonials in style, but are mixed as to whether the master bedroom is on the main level or the second floor.

Homes here typically have finished basements, many with exercise rooms, home theaters, full bathrooms, and plenty of space for recreation and storage. Many lower levels also have an additional bedroom, ideal for a nanny or in-law suite.

In 2014, the average price of a home in Signature of Solon was $656,339 and the average square footage was 4396.

The Signature housing development was designed around prestigious Signature Country Club, which is a major draw in the area for those that enjoy golf. Signature offers a prGolf Course Communityofessionally designed 18 hole golf course, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a fitness area. Membership to Signature Country Club is a requirement for anyone buying a home in Signature of Solon. Membership is also available to those who live outside of Signature.

The clubhouse is one of the largest in Ohio and offers casual and formal dining as well as a lounge with a pool table, fitness area, and an Atrium. The family room allows members to wear jeans and shorts and provides a great atmosphere for kids as it is surrounded by numerous TV's. There are also private rooms available for small parties and well as large ballrooms that are used for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

Signature is a fairly transient development, which is perfect for families relocating to Solon as many of the residents are transplants as well. People living in Signature are open to meeting new people and the many activities offered throughout the year offers newcomers a built in social life.

There are a ton of kid friendly events as well as functions for just adults. We have a ton of clients who live in Signature, many who relocated from out of state, and they simply love it. Living in Signature is more than just belonging to a golf club, it is a lifestyle.


Children who live in Signature attend the following Solon Schools:


Orchard Middle School

Solon Middle School

Solon High School

Please note that one of the four elementary schools in Solon ( Arthur Road ) will be closing within the next few years. While our information is up to date, we recommend contacting the schools directly to get any information that you need.


The main entrance is off Aurora Rd. ( Rt. 43 ) and there is another entrance off Pettibone and Liberty Rd. as well. The following map will give you a good idea of where Signature is located:

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Thornbury Home


Thornbury is another popular Solon luxury home subdivision. Although nestled inside a fairly large development, it has a small neighborhood feel, complete with its own walking path and playground.

One drive through Thornbury will leave no doubt as to why it is viewed as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in town. The lush well-manicured lawns, attractive exteriors, and large lots make it very picturesque and there is always someone riding a bike, jogging, walking their dog, or just out being friendly.

thornbury lake


All homes in Thornbury have been built within the last 15 years and consist mainly of single-family residences. They range in value from $550,000-$1,000,000.

Thornbury of Solon Playground

Characteristics of a typical Thornbury home are an open floor plan, impressive 2-story entryway, first floor office, standard living room and dining rooms, gourmet kitchen with top of the line appliances,  2-story great room and a luxurious master suite located on either the first or second floor.

High-end finishes and attention to detail help make the housing stock here special. Many homes also have large finished basements with exercise rooms, home theaters, play rooms, and a full bathroom. Some also have additional bedrooms perfect for a nanny or in-law area.

In terms of exterior living space, many residents here have invested a lot of money into decks, stone patios, fire pits and more. It is safe to say that there are some pretty tricked out backyards in Thornbury which are ideal for both family and adult entertaining.

The major difference between Thornbury and Signature is that Thornbury does not have the additional costs that are required by living in Signature. While you can still join Signature as a social or golf member while living in Thornbury, it is not mandatory. Those that either don't golf and wouldn't see themselves using the many Signature amenities view Thornbury as a great option.

Children who live in Thornbury attend the following Solon Schools:


Orchard Middle School

Solon Middle School

Solon High School


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  north park home 5 small


Why do people love North Park of Solon?  Location, location, location.   North Park is the only luxury home development of newer homes in the north part of town.

While Solon in general offers a manageable commute to downtown, the airport, or the local hospitals, North Park is especially sought out because it is the closest luxury neighborhood to the highway.


The North Park development  consists of relatively newer housing, with all homes having been built within the last 15 years.

One distinguishing feature of North Park is that the topography is a bit more hilly than most neighborhoods.

Like Signature and Thornbury, homes in North Park have modern open floor plans and are mainly colonial in style.

The homes here have luxury amenities throughout such as high-ceilings with crown molding, upgraded finishes and top of the line appliances.

The landscaping in North Park is spectacular, which gives the neighborhood a very elegant and impressive feel as you drive through.

The price range for homes in North Park is $550,000-$900,000.


Our clients who live in North Park love the location, but also enjoy the neighborhood feel. They have been able to meet other families very easily and are happy with their choice of buying here.

The main challenge is actually finding a home in North Park. Homes here rarely turn over, with approximately 1 home selling per year, so supply is very limited to say the least.

On the flip side, home values here are very strong, so if you buy in North Park, you should have a solid investment.

Children who live in North Park attend the following Solon Schools:

Lewis Elementary

Orchard Middle School

Solon Middle School

Solon High School





The following map will give you an good idea of specifically where North Park is situated:

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Chagrin highlands Solon Ohio


Chagrin Highlands was THE premiere luxury home development in Solon during the 1990's, when Solon's overall popularity was just starting to soar. Chagrin Highlands is a massive development with homes situated on beautiful 1 acre wooded lots.

Chagrin Highlands is located in the center of Solon, in close proximity to the highway. While Signature and Thornbury get a lot of attention, Chagrin Highlands is worth a look.

The lot sizes are big and private and affordability is a little better. Lower end homes sell for in the 400's but most homes in Chagrin Highlands sell from between $500,000-700,000.


Chagrin Highlands Solon Ohio

The Chagrin Highlands development consists of approximately 175 homes. While most homes here are single-family in nature, there is a street of stand-alone cluster homes that is very popular for those who are downsizing and looking for a home with less maintenance.

Homes here sit back on the lots, making them look estate-like and quite impressive. The landscaping and exterior lighting make Chagrin Highlands a pretty neighborhood to drive through both during the day as well as at night.

The homes themselves are a big mix in style, amenities and pricing. Most homes here are 2 story colonials and typically have  4-5 bedrooms, 4 full baths and finished basements with at least a half bath, and a 3 car garage.


Although the homes are a little more spread out than most neighborhoods, there is still a sense of community felt by those living here.

Having sidewalks throughout the development brings people together as neighbors are often seen jogging, biking, and walking their dogs. Kids also interact freely with one another here, making Chagrin Highlands very popular for those with school aged children.

Children who live in Chagrin Highlands attend the following Solon Schools:

Parkside Elementary

Orchard Middle School

Solon Middle School

Solon High School



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forest hills Solon ohio

While not an overly large subdivision, Forest Hills is a fabulous development of luxury homes tucked away in a very pretty setting. Many people don't even know this subdivision exists but those looking to buy a higher end home in Solon should put it on their list.

Here is everything you need to know about Forest Hills.


forest hills home Solon OhioThe Forest Hills development offers a great combination of luxury homes on private wooded lots.

The detailed exteriors and well-manicured landscaping gives Forest Hills a stately feel.  A lot of the homes are all brick or stone, yet they all have a different look and feel, making them unique.

Inside, the homes are spacious, averaging just under 4500 square feet.  The floor plans are open and modern. Since the homes here were built in the 1990's, some may be a little dated at this point. However, an updated home in Forest Hills is hard to come by and will often fly off the market.

The price range for homes in Forest Hills is approximately $600,000-$900,000.


One drive through Forest Hills will answer this question.  It is one of Solon's prettiest neighborhoods.   We have a lot of friends who live here and they love the privacy of the development and the great neighborhood feel.

The location is fairly central as well being in close proximity to so many local hot spots such as the top rated Solon Schools, Solon Community Center, Solon Public Library, and Solon Center for The Arts.

Children who live in Forest Hills attend the following Solon Schools:

Parkside Elementary

Orchard Middle School

Solon Middle School

Solon High School


As mentioned, Forest Hills is so tucked away that many residents don't even know it exists. So here is a map to give you an idea of exactly where it is located:


View Forest Hills Of Solon in a larger map




rollingbrook home 2

For those seeking a home on land in Solon, Rollingbrook offers a unique opportunity. All homes here were built on secluded 5 acre wooded lots. In fact, many of the homes here are difficult to see from the road.

Rollingbrook consists of just one street and is located near Signature of Solon. It is so tucked that many people who live in Solon don't even know it exits.

Rollingbrook of Solon

This one of a kind neighborhood consists of approximately 35 homes that were built primary in the 1980's and early 90's.

One drive through Rollingbrook is all it will take to appreciate this picturesque neighborhood.  A handful of homes in Rollingbrook even have ponds in front of the home,  offering a look of elegance and beauty usually seen only on the cover of a magazine.


The average home in Rollingbrook is about 4800 square feet, has 4 or 5 bedrooms and 5 baths. Most are colonial in style and offer a mix of exteriors with brick, stone, or cedar being the most prominent.  The interiors are a little more traditional overall then those you will find in newer developments like Signature and Thornbury, a function of the time period in which they were built.

Rollingbrook residents attend the following schools:


Orchard Middle School

Solon Middle School

Solon High School

Overall, Rollingbrook is one of Solon's most exclusive streets and until recently, homes here rarely came on the market. Now, we are starting to see a lot more turnover, offering buyers a great opportunity to buy in this special neighborhood.



Here is a list of some other luxury home developments in Solon. Most of these are just single streets containing 15-20 homes. Because of their size, inventory in these neighborhoods is often limited but they should still be considered in your search.


High Point - Conveniently located just off Cannon Road in the northern part of Solon. Close in proximity to the highway, homes built in the 90's.

Horseshoe Farms - Small street of homes located off Cannon Road in the western part of Solon.

North Woods - Small development off Cannon Road, in the western part of town featuring some of the most spectacular newer homes in Solon. Built in the early 2000's.

Stillwater - Luxury home street in the north part of Solon located across from North Park.  Homes sit on pretty wooded lots and were built mainly in the 1990's.

The Woodlands -  Small development of about 15 homes off Aurora Road. Homes here were built in the 1990's and early 2000's.  Homes sit on nice wooded lots and are fairly desirable for those relocating to the area.




Here is a map showing the location of all Solon Ohio luxury homes:

View Solon Luxury Home Developments in a larger map





As a summary, here is a "cheat sheet" to make your search a little easier.

Chagrin Highlands - Large development of luxury homes built in the 1990's on 1 acre lots.

Forest Hills - A tucked away neighborhood of highly sought out luxury homes built in the1990's. Pretty neighborhood on private lots.

High Point - Conveniently located just off Cannon Road in the northern part of Solon. Close in proximity to the highway.

Horseshoe Farms - Small street of homes located off Cannon Road in the western part of Solon.

North Park Estates - The only development of newer luxury homes located in north Solon.  Convenient highway access makes this very popular.

North Woods - Small development of newer homes off Cannon Road, in the western part of town. Some of Solon's nicest homes are located here.

Rollingbrook - One of Solon's most picturesque and exclusive areas.  All homes here sit on at least 5 acres of land. Homes built in the 80's and early 90's.

Signature - One of Northeast Ohio's only gated golf course communities.  Homes were all built after 2000. Signature I is closer in proximity to the clubhouse and golf course while Signature II is closer to the pool and has larger lot sizes.

Stillwater - Luxury home street located across from North Park.  Homes sit on nice wooded lots and were built mainly in the 90's.

Thornbury -  One of Solon's newest and largest developments of luxury homes.  This subdivision is known for it's neighborhood feel complete with its own playground and walking path.

The Woodlands -  Small development on one street located off Aurora Road.  Homes sit on nice wooded lots.