Preparing Your Cleveland Home For Winter


While fall is still in the air, we Clevelanders know that cold and snow is just around the corner.  Please take the next 30 days to prepare.

Here are 7 easy things you can do to winterize your home.

  1. Clean Gutters
  2. Service HVAC System – You don't want your heat to fail when you really need it. Have your furnace serviced now.
  3. Reverse Ceiling Fans – Set the fan to go clockwise so the hot air gets pushed down ---especially helpful for 2 story rooms.
  4. Drain Sprinkler System - If not, you risk serious damage and a huge expense.
  5. Clean Chimney – Making sure it’s in good working order will prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. A Damper stop clamp will prevent flue from closing while gas logs are still on.
  6. Restock Supplies – Buy salt, shovels, and get make sure ice scrapers are in your cars. You don't want to be caught unprepared during that first storm.
  7. Winter Survival Kit - Create one for home and car, flashlight, blankets, water, food, candles.

This is just a starting point as there is more that can be done.

Being prepared takes just a little time but will give you peace of mind when the snow begins to pile up.