Winter is the best time to do home improvement projects.

Why? Contractors are more available, material prices come down before the spring market, and you may personally have more free time on your hands, especially during winter vacation.

So with that in mind, here are 5 projects you should consider this winter to add value to your home.

1.Wow Your Walls - Adding trim, crown molding, accent walls or a sharp new paint color can provide an instant upgrade to any room.

2. Bring On The Backsplash - For a relatively small amount of money, a backsplash is an easy way to completely change the look of a kitchen.

3. Let There Be Light - Changing out dated light fixtures, ceiling fans, and adding lamps can make a room look more current and brighter.

4. Closet Organizers - Wire shelves scream "builder grade" to buyers. Spending a little money can add much needed space and organization to a closet and add resale value down the road.

5.  Hardware - Get off your ass and replace that brass! Most people have outdated hardware, including doorknobs and handles. Replacing all of your hardware is a project that will change the look of your entire home and can be easily done yourself.

These projects will help you fall in love with your home again and offer value down the road when you go to sell.