You are now at the point where inspections have been completed and any items of concern have been agreed upon by both parties.

This is the part of the process where you can take a deep breath and relax a little. While it's not over yet, it should be smooth sailing as only a few things have to be completed.

1. Financing

2. Moving Preparations

3. Walk Through

Let's discuss each item.



Since a loan takes between 30-60 days to complete, it will be in process by the time you are at this stage. Hopefully the appraisal has been done and approved by this point, otherwise, that would be the next step. A loan cannot be approved if the appraisal does not come it at least equal to the purchase price.

Make sure your lender has everything they need from you. It is a good idea to stay in constant communication with your loan officer at all times.


We recommend making a checklist of any other things that need to be done prior to closing so you are prepared.  If you plan on having improvements done to the home prior to moving in, you may want to contact contractors and plan dates for them to begin the work.

You may also want to schedule a locksmith to come to the home once you close so you can have the locks changed.

Most important, you need to handle the transfer of utilities so that you have service upon moving in. Your agent will provide you a list of the utility companies that service the area in which you plan to live.


We discussed the walk through briefly during the "negotiation phase" but will cover the process in more detail here.

In most contracts, you as the buyer will have a chance to walk through the home one last time prior to closing. The main purpose is to verify that the property is in the same or similar condition that it was at the time you entered into an agreement.

It is during the walk through that you will verify that any items sellers agreed to fix are indeed operable to your satisfaction.

Also, you will make sure that any items that were to remain in the property after closing, such as a refrigerator or washer and dryer, are indeed still there.

A walk through is not to be used as a means to enter into price negotiations with the seller, yet again. That time has passed.

If legitimate items present themselves during the walk through, your agent will address them with the sellers.


We advise buyers to be proactive and organized during this stage of the process.

Make sure you solidify plans with movers, contractors, and anyone else who needs to get into your home once you get the keys.

Write down a list of things you need to do prior to closing and stay on top of it.

Communicate with your agent and lender. Staying on top of things will lead to a smooth closing.