By this point you should have a firm loan commitment and be just weeks or even days away from getting the keys to your new home. A few things still need to be done to ensure a smooth closing.


1. Communicate With The Title Company

2. Talk To Your Lender

3. Coordinate Getting Keys

Let's go over these briefly.

Here in Ohio, a title company, not attorney's office, will be coordinating your closing. They will communicate with your lender to get closing documents and schedule the day and time for you to sign them. They will also be the ones telling you how much money ( certified funds---NO personal check ) you need to bring to closing.

Please keep in mind that title companies are very busy, especially during the summer months. They also don't typically work on files too far in advance, maybe a day or two out at best.

For this reason we advise our buyers to be proactive with the title company. Make sure you have all pertinent contact information and that they have yours as well.

Don't be surprised if a lot of things regarding your closing happen at the last minute as title companies typically don't get documents from lenders until the day before closing, if they're lucky.

In regards to your loan, make sure your lender has everything they need from you. As standard protocol, they may re-pull credit and contact your employer to verify employment so you may want to give your personal department a heads up to ensure there are no delays. Also, make sure you don't make any major purchases prior to closing on your loan.

Talk to your loan officer to make sure they have contact information for your title company and that they have been in communication with the specific person handling your account.

The last thing you need to do is verify with your agent when you can get your keys. A transaction doesn't become official until the deed in recorded at the courthouse, which typically occurs after 4:30PM.  Keys are given out once title has officially transferred.


In Ohio, buyers and sellers don't typically meet. Each party signs their documents separately, so you may in fact never come face to face with the sellers of the home.

As mentioned above, the transaction isn't official until the deed is recorded. Some buyers, especially those coming from out of state, are expecting to get the keys immediately after signing loan documents. It doesn't work that way here. Signing of documents may occur a day or two before the actual filing of the deed.

It is wise to keep a copy of all documents relating to the buying process, such as the purchase agreement, disclosures, and inspection reports. You never know if or when you may need them, so please keep a copy in a safe place.

The home buying process can be stressful and complicated, but when the boxes are unpacked and you are settled in, your home will bring you more joy and happiness than you can ever imagine.