Many area home owners are looking to sell their home for a variety of reasons. Have you outgrown your current home, looking to move into a different school district, or maybe relocating out of the area?  Regardless of the reason for selling, the ultimate goal is to sell, but the challenge for many is knowing how to properly price a home in order to get it sold quickly.

We can tell you with confidence that pricing your home aggressively to sell at the beginning of the listing period will give you a better chance to sell, and for a better price.

Take a look at the chart below: 

 activity vs. time

As you can see, sellers get the most activity on their home during the first 30 days that it is on the market. The reason for this is that the buyers in the marketplace have already defined specifically what they want in a home and have seen everything in their price range prior to your home coming on the market. Once your home comes onto the market, the buyers who are serious will want to see it right away, hoping that their search is over and that your home will be "the one."

The buyers that look at your home during the first 30 days are typically the best because they are ready to buy now. In fact, many times these buyers are so eager to move forward with their home purchase, that they are looking for reasons to buy. If your home is the nicest one they have seen in that price range, it will stand out and a buying decision will often be made. If not, the buyers will move on.  A skilled Realtor should know the competition and will coach you on pricing accordingly.

Sellers who try to "test" the market, or price their homes higher than they should based on "what they need to get out of it" end up losing out on a golden opportunity to sell to these serious buyers. In addition, during a depreciating market when a home is constantly losing value, the longer a home takes to sell, the less money a seller will get for it.

If you really want to sell your home and move forward with your goals, pay attention to the chart and take advantage of the period of time in which you will get the greatest number of showings on your home. As the old saying goes, "strike while the iron is hot".