Regardless of the season, you still have only one chance to make a positive impression. If you end up selling your home during the winter, there are things you can do to help your home stand out.

5 Things To Do To Stand Out

1. Exterior Photo - If possible, have the exterior shot done immediately after a snowfall. A fresh snowfall on the trees and ground can really make the home "pop" in a picture.

2. Twilight Photo - With the light reflecting off the snow, a twilight shot can look very cool. You will need sufficient exterior lighting to do this, however.

3. Clear Driveway and Sidewalks - Nothing is worse for a buyer than having to walk through snow and ice to see a home. Having your driveway plowed is one thing but taking the extra step to salt and clear the driveway and all walkways will make a great impression on potential buyers. They will notice and appreciate your efforts, and think you take just as good care of your interior.

4. Keep Interior Warm - When showing your home in the winter, make sure it is kept at a warm temperature ( 70-72 degrees ).  If your home is cold a potential buyer may think it is not insulated properly, or that you are cheap. If they think you are cheap, they will question the care you have taken of your home. Overall, it put buyers in a negative mindset.

5. Play It Up - Pretend you are entertaining for a big holiday party. Have the fire going, put on some music, make it so warm and inviting that a buyer won't want to leave.

Winter can be a good time to sell. There is less competition and buyers who go out in the cold and snow are typically very serious.

If you do end up selling during the winter months, following these tips will help you get maximum value for your home.