Should A lister atend showings


We are sometimes asked by our seller clients if we will be at the home to accompany all buyer showings. Our simple answer is “no”, but there’s a good reason for this and today’s post will explain why.


You want the environment to be welcoming to a buyer so they have a pleasant and productive showing. They should be able to walk through a home and envision themselves living there.

They will often talk amongst themselves or even openly with their agent about the good and bad features of any given home. Maybe they’ll feel so good about a particular house they’ll sit down on a couch and make themselves at home. The longer they stay, the better.

If a listing agent is there, buyers will feel on edge and less likely to want to spend more time than necessary in the home. They will be guarded in what they say to each other for fear the other agent may relay it to the sellers.

Overall, a listing agent present will make buyers feel uneasy as they are viewed as the opposition and simply not wanted there.


Many sellers will respond “but who will be there to point out special features and sell them our home?”

A good listing agent will prepare in home marketing material to highlight the best features of a home as well as give information about the neighborhood and community.

This allows the buyers to discover for themselves all the great things a home has to offer. The buyer’s agent will also offer insight and share their knowledge as well.

However, NO ONE wants a pushy salesperson telling them why the home is right for them. They need to come to that conclusion on their own accord. At the end of the day, choosing a home is an emotional decision that cannot be forced.

Think back to a recent trip you had at a department or furniture store. Have you ever wanted to just browse, yet an aggressive salesmen wouldn’t leave you alone. Annoying isn’t it? A buyer will feel the same way if the listing agent attends the showing.


Having a listing agent at a showing may end up hurting the seller in the long run. To begin, unless a home is priced over a million dollars, it is highly unusual for a listing agent to accompany a showing here in Northeast Ohio.

That being the case, what does it say about a seller who requires their agent to be there? That they are difficult? Controlling?

What if your agent turns off the buyers? Perhaps the showing would have gone much better had your agent not been there giving the aggressive sales pitch.

What about easy of showings? It’s hard enough to plan a showing around a buyers’ busy schedules. If the listing agent also has to be there, it makes things even more difficult. There is a good chance a seller will miss out on showings by requiring their agent to attend the showings.

When it comes to selling your home, you need to think twice before instructing your listing agent to attend all showings as it is not in your best interests.