We understand that we live in a world of immediate gratification and that home buyers who see a great home on line want to see it right away. However, there are things that must happen behind the scenes in order for us to arrange for that to happen.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I get a call from a prospective buyer who says, “we’re sitting in front of a home at 123 Main Street and want to get in.”  Most times this simply cannot happen for many reasons so we wanted to take this opportunity to spell out exactly how the protocol works in scheduling to show homes to buyers.

In order for any agent to show a home, the seller must grant permission. This is typically done through their listing agent. Sometimes the sellers can accommodate people on short notice but most times they cannot. They typically prefer some time to clean up and get their home ready to show its best to a potential buyer.  It is not uncommon for sellers to ask for 24 hours notice before allowing a showing.

Also, many sellers have pets and prefer to remove them during showings. This is another reason why sellers prefer advanced notice. It can be a huge liability to allow a buyer to walk through a home with the family pet still in the house. Even if the pet is friendly, they can be quite protective, especially when strangers are walking through their home. With advanced notice, a seller can plan to make arrangements to make sure pets are not in the home during showings.

In addition to giving the sellers notice, believe it or not, we agents are fairly busy as the market has been very kind to us this year. We need time too. We are not taxi cabs just sitting by our cars waiting for you to call. Please give us the courtesy of some notice as well.

We do appreciate that we live in a world of immediate gratification and we agents are in the service business. However, please be aware of what must happen for us to show you a home so we can all be on the same page.