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Communication is key, whether it's a business or personal relationship.  If you have something to say, you certainly want your message to be received, don't you?

So it is important to ask people this one simple yet specific question, a question that could make or break you.

Want to know what it is?  Here you go:




Let's face it, what you say, and when you say it are important, but nothing is more critical than how you say it.  As the old saying goes, if you give the people what they want, they'll keep coming back for more.


Remember, this isn't about me or you, it's about those around us. Some people love email, while others rather text. There are also many folks that still prefer speaking by phone or face to face.  

While many of us don't give it much thought, it is important to recognize how other people prefer to get their information, otherwise the message can get lost.

My parents learned the hard way as they continued for years to try to call my kids by phone. They grew frustrated at the lack of response until I suggested they start texting instead. Now, communication between the two generations has never been better.

Even if you have a preferred method to communicate, the people around you may prefer a different way.  By asking this one simple question, it could make a huge impact and lead to better relationships with those around you.



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