Many home buyers view a real estate agent as someone who just opens up a home for them, providing little other value. While this may be true in some cases, many agents wear a lot of different hats and actually bring a lot of skills to the table.

Today's post will shed some light on things a good buyer's agent does and why you should use one if buying a home.


My motivation for writing this post was that too often, we have heard some less than flattering comments from consumers about their past experiences with a real estate agent. Here are just a few comments made to us:

"We were the ones who picked out the homes and did most of the work."

"She really didn't educate us too much about the market or the different areas."

"He was nice but didn't do a whole lot."

"Our last agent wasn't always available."

In many of these transactions, the agents probably spent a lot of time with these buyers and had good intentions, yet things just didn't work out for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they were inexperienced or only worked part-time. Maybe they did a lot of things for their clients behind the scenes, but never let their buyers know about them. It is also possible that the buyers had unrealistic expectations.

In any event, we take great pride in our industry and don't like to hear about negative experiences. We want to dispel the myth that an agent is nothing more than a door opener.



The popularity of the internet has made information more readily available to buyers than ever before. Therefore, they have a perception that they don't need an agent for anything other them to simply open up the home for them.

I'm here to say that a skilled buyer's agent actually brings a lot of value to the table. Many are things that buyers may not think about yet are still critical to having a successful transaction.


1. Preview homes in advance - No reason to pull up to a home that is located next to a commercial building ( that was conveniently not mentioned in the on-line description ). Previewing in advance saves your time.

2. Has knowledge of the local inventory.

3. Provides "insider information" - knowledge of homes that will soon be coming on the market or ones whose sellers are extremely motivated.

4. Educates their clients on the different areas.

5. Is proactive to find you a home. A good agent will call their buyers about a new home on the market or coming on the market BEFORE the buyer has a chance to call them.

6. Will refer you to another quality agent if they don't service the area in which you want to buy.

7. Thoroughly explains the buying process.

8. Will take additional photos or video of a home or neighborhood and email them to you. Especially important to out of town buyers.

9.Gets you information not readily available on-line.

10. Refers you to trusted lenders, inspectors, and contractors.


Remember, this is just a small sampling of things a good buyer's agent will do for you. This list doesn't even get into some of the more complicated parts of the process such as negotiating and inspections, things that can be very stressful and emotionally intense.

Many of us are more than merely door openers. We bring experience and knowledge to the real estate transaction. The best part is that we represent your best interests only and the seller pays our fee.